An amalgamation of forward-thinking concepts, audacious designs and a bespoke approach define the Nina Magon ethos. One driven by true passion, an attestation to timeless modernity and innovation. Each project is an exquisite delineation masterfully synchronized into an alignment of a singular design.


We strive to be the industry leader for luxury and internationally-influenced design. We are a brand that is synonymous with delivering bespoke service to our clients, through our bold and forward thinking ethos, we are able to deliver compelling designs that are tailored to each clients needs.


The mission of our talented team of designers led by creative director, Nina Magon, is to enhance the lifestyle of our clients through the design of their spatial environment, as well as fulfilling their biggest dreams and aspirations for their spaces. Our curated lifestyle brand is one that infuses their day to day lives with elements of luxury.

Brand Position

For the modern minded clientele, Nina Magon Studio is a firm that delivers refined luxury, punctuated with elements of grandeur. Our multi cultural team of designers approach every project with a unique view, thereby creating spectacular one off spaces and pieces that truly exceeds the clients wildest dreams. The forward thinking ethos of the brand is coupled with exceptional service, which we pride ourselves in, as we believe luxury is not just elemental but is in the minutiae of who we are as a brand.