Bella Contemporary

This stunning contemporary dream home located in Houston’s Piney Point Estates featured architectural hard and soft finish designs from Nina and her team.The interior design selections included a serene and contemporary vibe to match the breathtaking modern exterior of the home.


Washington Luxe is a contemporary project that was conceptualized and designed by Nina Magon from the architectural phase through the design phase including the layout of architectural plans. From the Floss chandeliers to the exclusive marble inserts in the front doors, this house exemplifies the Contour Interior Design teams attention to detail.

Contemporary Modern

The clients wanted a calm, Zen space, as well as clean lines and an open layout that allowed for free-flowing energy and family togetherness. We applied our knowledge of how color and spatial planning can impact the spirit of a home and we were able to achieve a conversational-style layout, with more natural light and larger windows, which can be viewed and appreciated from any point in the residence. The notion of better energy and flow served us as a guiding principle at certain crucial aesthetic moments. An example is an original plan for the staircase, which essentially closed up the house by including a wall, so we opted to open up the wall and create a floating staircase with a custom wire railing that extends to the ceiling. Beneath the stairway, we evoked the serene aura of a Zen rock garden by spreading an eye-catching bed of smooth dark stones, while other innovative earthy elements nearby include an installation of pine strips stained in three different shades and vertically staggered along the entrance corridor wall that leads to the stairs. Both the stone and the wood help bring depth and texture, not to mention an element of surprise, to the minimal design. The client wanted a lot of natural light and was extremely important to the emotional state of their family to experience on a daily basis, so to allow sunlight ascendance indoors, we tweaked the plans to include clerestory windows along the structure’s roofline as well as enormous windows on both its front and rear façades. We also erased a wall in order to open up the kitchen to the great room and allow light from multiple angles to flood into the space, which we outfitted with black and white surfaces in keeping with the request for a streamlined vibe throughout. Clean lines were really key in helping to enhance focus and stillness and create a sense of peace for the family. Once the architectural spaces were revised, we set our sights on furnishings, focusing on a few key pieces that would add drama and serve as a vehicle for splashes of color. In the living room, we deployed a vibrant blue hue in the form of a bold Paola Lenti modular sofa, which has a wood-frame back lacquered the exact blue shade of the upholstery that extends into a low two-tier side table. Next to it, a Paola Lenti chair in a deep wine color begs you to get comfortable and settle in. These minimalistic architectural pieces are interesting by themselves and even more interesting when paired together! Throughout the process, we remained mindful of the home’s overall harmony. When modernizing a traditional design, we do as much as we can without creating two looks from interior to exterior. While we couldn’t begin entirely from scratch, we did select dark stone facing for one of the exterior volumes and change the front door to a pivot door for a forward-thinking look. Our alterations resulted in a dwelling that doesn’t feel like a typical American house. There’s a real sense of arrival when you walk in. For the owner, the outcome is a testament to the power of design. You can create a space to match the feelings you want to experience on a daily basis by simply through the elements you select for your home.

Villa Italiana

This modern version of a Renaissance Italian villa invigorates European design exemplified by the gorgeous magnitude of the white Italianate exterior. The 7,000 square foot residential project encompasses interior hard finish and soft finish design by Nina Magon and her talented team.

Tour De Force

To date, this is Nina’s beloved project. She worked day and night to make this house into a dream. The concept, full exterior and interior architecture, and all hard finish selections were completed by Nina. Inspired by her husbands love for modern design and her love for architecture and homes in Malaga, Spain and Lisbon, Portugal, Tour De Force was created.