Marlowe – Downtown Houston

This is a high-rise condominium project in downtown Houston in which we were responsible in designing the lobby for both interior architecture and interior design. Our focus in the design was to bring an urban, East Coast feel to the space. We incorporated stone surfaces throughout the space for the flooring, concierge desk, and the wall surrounding the fireplace. There is a parking garage above the lobby that has a slope, and we were able to incorporate the slope into a unique multi-faceted ceiling design that included a beautiful mirrored- like, three-dimensional design in the entry, wood wallpaper that enhances the architecture in the ceiling and LED integrated lighting to add to the beauty of the space. Behind the concierge desk are iconic images of inspirational men in metal rotating frames that represent the essence of the Marlowe. There is also a double-sided steam fireplace and black glass dividers separating the public space into three seating areas. Exposed concrete walls and pillars express a modern and clean design aesthetic that pairs well with the bold pops of color with the furniture and rug selections.

Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas Tower Suite Remodel