Commercial project
Houston, TX

When we undertook the design for our distinguished plastic surgeon client, we sought out to create an environment that seamlessly merges beauty and aesthetic appeal. With unwavering attention to detail, we became involved in every stage of the process, from the architectural phase to the installation of the soft finishes, ensuring a harmonious and refined result.

Upon entering the lobby, guests are greeted by the resplendent presence of a striking custom Yellow Goat chandelier, designed to exude grandeur and create a captivating focal point. This awe-inspiring centerpiece becomes an emblem of sophistication that welcomes visitors with a touch of opulence. Throughout the space, sleek and luxurious materials take center stage, meticulously selected to embody elegance and refinement. From the exquisite stone accents that add a timeless allure to the sleek metal finishes that offer a modern touch, every element harmoniously contributes to the overall aesthetic, creating an environment that is both visually stunning and befitting of a discerning plastic surgeon.

Integrated lighting design plays a pivotal role in accentuating the space's sleek and modern ambiance. Thoughtfully placed and expertly implemented, the integrated lighting fixtures effortlessly enhance the architectural features and highlight key design elements. This careful orchestration of lighting adds depth, drama, and a touch of allure, elevating the overall visual impact of the space.
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