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Renowned for creating spectacular spaces, Nina Magon, founder and principal of the Nina Magon Studio, formerly Contour Interior Design, is a multifaceted interior designer, delivering luxurious residential, commercial, and hospitality projects, inclusive of a curated collection of lifestyle product designs. Her edgy and daring aesthetic infuses each design with her signature style by using bold elements, color, and timeless modernity. Nina creates uniquely luxurious spaces and pieces inspired by worldly cultures, which excite the senses and deliver excellence to her discerning clientele. Nina has received accolades and global recognition from features in distinguished publications such as Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, Interior Design Magazine, Hospitality Design Magazine, Luxe Magazine, The Robb Report, Wall Street Journal and many more, for her exquisite collection of work.
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Born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, I am the youngest child of two and craved the same sense of curiosity my young, and eager-eyed immigrant parents from India had. Eventually, we moved to Houston, Texas and I grew up in the shadow of extremely successful business parents and knew that I too, one day, would have a business to call my own.Traveling around the world from the ripe age of 3, I realized how small the world really was, yet how captivating and vast it could be. Through my travels to London, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, and countless more, the country that inspired me the most was my heritage country of India. When shopping in the local bazaar and attending countless fashion shows, I developed an admiration for materials. Silks, chiffons, beadwork, metalwork, jewelry, and all shiny objects were fascinating to me. I understood that if India had so much to offer from a cultural perspective, then I could learn so much more from understanding and exploring the inner cultures of other countries.


From a young age, I knew creativity was beckoning me, yet I majored in Economics and Finance, as that was the equitable thing to do. After obtaining my degree from Southern Methodist University in Dallas,TX, it was time for me to follow my true passion. I originally believed fashion design was my forthcoming, and so I pursued a degree in fashion. Through my love for fashion and opulent things, I was led to discover my obsession, which would become a career in Interior Design. I realized the creation of emotion provoking environments would become my true calling, and with that, I came to the realization that the luxury landscape of the world was widening, and that is when Contour Interior Design was born, now known as Nina Magon Studio.


As designers, we should learn from the past through the works of historical masters in the field of design, arts and architecture. But we should not limit ourselves to just these, as the world around us is truly marvelous and should inspire us daily. The crack and patina in the concrete of an old building can be interpreted into a beautiful textured silk wallpaper, through the gradated colors and weave of the material. Refined, bold, daring and forward-thinking designs can be created with this mindset; that in itself is the ethos behind the Nina Magon Brand.