C Residence

Residential project
Houston, TX

Housed within a neighborhood characterized by historically traditional or transitional-style homes, the striking presence of our C Residence commands attention with its bold white exterior, sleek modern lines, and distinctive flat roof.

The design of this remarkable residence embodies a harmonious juxtaposition of clean, minimalistic modernity against the backdrop of traditional vernacular architecture. This intentional contrast serves as a visual manifestation of our studio's ethos, showcasing our unwavering dedication to bold, forward-thinking innovation. From its inception, our studio oversaw every aspect of its creation, from the meticulous construction to the thoughtfully selected hard and soft finishes, culminating in the curation of exquisite accessories and styling details.

Each element was carefully considered and artfully integrated, creating a living space that embodies the essence of contemporary elegance. The result is a stunning symphony of sleek lines, open spaces, and a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, offering a captivating experience that transcends the ordinary.
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