CW Residence

Residential project
The clients wanted a calm, Zen space, as well as clean lines and an open layout that allowed for free-flowing energy and family togetherness. We applied our knowledge of how color and spatial planning can impact the spirit of a home and we were able to achieve a conversational-style layout, with more natural light and larger windows, which can be viewed and appreciated from any point in the residence. The notion of better energy and flow served us as a guiding principle at certain crucial aesthetic moments. An example is an original plan for the staircase, which essentially closed up the house by including a wall, so we opted to open up the wall and create a floating staircase with a custom wire railing that extends to the ceiling. Beneath the stairway, we evoked the serene aura of a Zen rock garden by spreading an eye-catching bed of smooth dark stones, while other innovative earthy elements nearby include an installation of pine strips stained in three different shades and vertically staggered along the entrance corridor wall that leads to the stairs. Throughout the process, we remained mindful of the home’s overall harmony.
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