HW Residence

Residential project
Houston, TX

Driven by our forward-thinking mindset, our design team enthusiastically embraced the revitalization of an expansive 11,000 sq. ft. traditional home in Houston, TX. The project marked a transformative journey of refinement and innovation, as we expertly merged modern European design elements with the enduring charm of the original architecture. To infuse this remodel with exceptional touches, we collaborated with a distinguished Vastu Shastra practitioner, an esteemed authority in the Indian architectural system akin to Feng Shui. Their invaluable expertise ensured optimal alignment and energy flow throughout the house, fostering an environment of enhanced prosperity.

From the outset, our vision was to achieve a seamless fusion of traditional charm and contemporary sophistication. The main common areas became showcases of pristine simplicity, adorned with large-sized tiles that exuded elegance. Every countertop received the grace of synthetic stone surfaces, artfully blending style and functionality. We took great care in restoring and refreshing the traditional moldings, breathing new life into their exquisite craftsmanship with a fresh coat of white paint. The kitchen underwent a strategic reconfiguration, integrating cutting-edge smart appliances and sleek modern cabinetry, resulting in an elevated space that harmonized both practicality and aesthetics.
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