FH Residence

Residential project
Houston, TX

Elevated by the resplendence of the natural world, every facet of the FH Residence has been thoughtfully crafted to seamlessly intertwine the embrace of abundant natural light, the majestic presence of oak trees, and the refined allure of its interiors. Imbued with a harmonious palette of earth tones, the careful selection of natural stone and wood elements creates a serene retreat-like ambiance, where tranquility takes center stage.

Throughout the house, extensive fenestration amplifies the breathtaking views of the serene pool and captivating landscape, inviting the beauty of the surroundings to unfurl in all its glory. From inception to completion, we orchestrated our innovative design based on the magnificent symphony of light and nature that was at play. By paying meticulous attention to every detail, beginning with the clean architectural lines, spatial planning, and extending to the curated selection of premium hard and soft finishes, we were able to create a space that exemplified the true essence of tranquil luxury.
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