Gloss Nail Bar

Commercial project
Houston, TX

The owners of Gloss Nail Bar, set out to create an awe-inspiring design that effortlessly merges architectural elements with vibrant hues, seeking to evoke a resounding "WOW FACTOR." Their vision encompassed crafting a design that would stand out as distinctive and alluring while offering a bold and luxurious experience to their esteemed clientele. To fulfill their aspirations, our team masterfully curated a space that exudes femininity and whimsy, inviting clients into a realm of understated elegance, sleekness, and playful charm.

Within this extraordinary design, our focus revolved around incorporating curvilinear forms, an array of captivating floral pinks, and striking stones, seamlessly weaving them together to create a contemporary fantasy. The resulting nail bar transcends conventional boundaries, elevating the overall spa experience through the harmonious interplay of color, form, and movement.

Large porcelain tiles, extending throughout the space, further enhance the refined aesthetic, while seamlessly integrating with other unique elements, creating an atmosphere of clean sophistication that delights the senses. One particularly notable highlight is the inclusion of an arched "Instagrammable" design feature, thoughtfully incorporating a mesmerizing neon "Get Glossy" sign, positioned gracefully above opulent floral wallpaper. This ingenious amalgamation seamlessly transports guests to a world akin to a chic and whimsical garden, evoking the magic of a modern-day fairytale, and inspiring a sense of awe and wonder.
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