HWL Residence

Residential project
Houston, TX

With its captivating butterfly roofline and charming brick exterior, our HWL Residence exuded undeniable potential waiting to be harnessed. To enhance the grandeur of the entrance, the step-up entrance was eliminated, replaced by a striking 14' high ceiling, imbuing the space with a sense of awe and magnificence. Embracing the vibrant Miami Beach style, the kitchen and powder bathroom underwent a stunning renovation, featuring a harmonious blend of redesigned cabinetry, elegant countertops, and captivating flooring selections.

Keeping in mind the client's desire for an "All White Everything" aesthetic and their need for a child-friendly environment, our team implemented the strategic use of durable man-made materials throughout the home. This approach ensured a sophisticated and resilient living space that effortlessly married style and practicality. A year later, a remarkable exterior transformation took place as the house was carefully stuccoed and painted in a radiant shade of white, achieving a seamless visual transition from the interior to the exterior.
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