WD Residence

Residential project
Houston, TX

Nestled within one of Houston's most sought-after locales, the WD Residence stands as a testament to refined elegance and timeless allure. It is a true manifestation of a designer's dream, elevating the notion of luxury living to unparalleled heights while exuding an aura of sophistication that transcends time.

The design concept stems from a visionary blend of traditional architectural elements and forward-thinking design, culminating in a symphony of compelling​ ​aesthetics that captivate the senses. Tasked with overseeing the interior architecture, FF&E, and soft finish selections, our team embarked on a transformative journey to reconfigure this exquisite abode, infusing it with opulence, tradition, and a contemporary edge that effortlessly caters to the client's desire for harmonious family living and exceptional entertainment possibilities.

From the flawless integration of these distinctive elements to the seamless fusion of form and function, no detail has been left unattended. The result is a haven of inspiration for design enthusiasts, where creativity flourishes alongside the utmost consideration for practicality and usability.
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