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5 Ways Drapes Can Impact Your Home Beyond The Windows

Often, we forget how creative it can be to use one home decor item for many additional uses and this is especially true for draperies. Not only can your drapes bring luxury to your windows, but it can also be used for  a variety of things. Below are 5 additional ways that drapes can impact your home beyond your windows.

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A beautiful way to add a calm and surreal ambiance to an open layout is to add draperies to separate two spaces. You can go monochromatic with your color choice or bring in an additional color for added interest. How beautiful is this look? #DesignCrush


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I love when drapes do more than just frame a window. Drapes can bring a “wow” impact to a space. For example, if you have a door with a window, instead of covering it with the usual shades go with a beautiful drape and take the drape all the way up to the ceiling to heighten your surroundings!


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Another fun way to use drapes in your home is to use it for the backdrop behind your bed. Forget finding a piece of art or selecting a paint color. Just double up on the fabric and hang them using the tips in my last blog and you will be good to go!


Photo Source: Christiane Wyler


Outdoor spaces are a favorite of mine to incorporate drapes, especially if you want to create that outdoor cabana vibe. I love how romantic an outdoor drape can bring to an outdoor space. If you have a covered area, bring the pretty in by adding drapes.


Photo Source: Decoholic


Lastly, another way to use drapes is to cover the stuff that you don’t want to look at and want to hide away. If you have an open closet or shelf in a room and find it to be an eye sore, find a beautiful drape and hide it!

Have other ways to use drapes not mentioned here? I’d love to hear from you! Share them in the comments.

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