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5 Ways To Bring Fall Into Your Home

Fall is finally here and what a welcoming sight it is. As an interior designer, I love to change up my living space per the season and a change of season gives me another excuse to get creative! Fall brings an entire host of new color trends and blends, but sometimes it can be hard to bring the intrinsic classic warmth of fall into your home. Whether you want to get the fall trend spot-on for the festive season, or if you simply want to cozy up on the sofa with a mug of hot chocolate, here are 5 super quick ways to bring fall into your living room.

5 Ways to Bring Fall Into Your Home

Swap bright colored throw pillows with more warm tones to get that fall feel.

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The quickest way to bring fall into your living room is by embarking on a simple color swap. All you need to do is switch those bright soft furnishings for warmer colors like cream, brown, pumpkin, and gold to achieve that classic fall style. Work your way around your room and remove those “summery” cushions, change your drapes, add some warm throws and blankets, and bring in some warm toned rugs to really establish the base for your fall color palette. If you want to interject a bit of color without going over the top, deep reds and mustard yellows are the perfect accompaniment in small doses.

Live Stylish Daily's 5 Ways to Bring Fall Into Your Home

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Now that we have our base firmly set, we need to build the room up. Texture is a great way to really change the mood of a room in the simplest of ways.  Your color base is the best place to start with textures because your soft furnishings not only attract the eye, but they mainly contribute to the overall ambience of the room. It’s a great idea to mix and match lighter fall hues with silk and darker hues with soft, plush textiles. Always use heavy drapes to draw the room inwards and make it feel warmer.

Live Stylish Daily's 5 Ways to Bring Fall Into Your Home

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Add some extra texture by bringing nature indoors. You can do this by simply filling vases with dried fall colored flower arrangements, find bouquets that include Goldenrod, teasels, poppy seed heads, marigolds and even maple leaves to add some beautiful color, texture and style into the room. By simply placing small dishes filled with pinecones on your shelves, you will make a huge statement. Think outside the box and start collecting! If you’re lucky enough to live near a forest or nature reserve, you may even be able to find some naturally dried flowers that will look even more stunning than the store-bought alternative.

Live Stylish Daily's 5 Ways to Bring Fall Into Your Home

Choosing the right accessories can really give you a warm autumn feel in an otherwise neutral room.

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The Ornament Switch

Alright, so this is kind of an extension of the color swap and texture time, but it really does need to be considered. Before you go any further with your fall style room transformation, take a step back and make a note of what stands out now that your base colors and textures are in place. The first thing that you  may notice will be your decorative accessories (chrome photo frames and clear glass may look great in the summer, but it’s time to switch them out for more blended colors and materials). Opt for wooden or brass (or gold) frames and bowls and tinted glass to really tie in the overall fall theme.

Live Stylish Daily's 5 Ways to Bring Fall Into Your Home

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Think of the Big Picture

The next step in bringing fall into your living room is to change those family photos and bold works of art. You may not realise it, but you probably have a plethora of beach snaps on display and your artwork is more than likely to be bright and fun, reflecting summer. Although the family album may only contribute to a small percentage of the room and your prized painting maybe hidden behind the door, leaving these items on display will still affect the ambience of the room. Instead of taking your treasured pictures away from the room completely, keep with the theme and swap them. Take some snaps of the kids doing fall activities such as raking the leaves and playing in the park and create some new family memories as you go.

Live Stylish Daily's 5 Ways to Bring Fall Into Your Home

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Set up a Feature Wall

For a more extreme way to get fall into your living room, paint a feature wall. This is a simple way to get that warm fall feel that can transform a room in a couple of hours. Chances are that you may already have a feature wall, so simply repainting it to a fall hue could be as straightforward as lifting a brush. If you don’t have a feature wall, identify the most prominent wall in your room. These are generally chimney breasts or the wall in which your sofa faces. Once you know where your feature wall will be, you canto ahead and paint it. If you have some more time to spare , you may even decide to cover it with a stunning wallpaper. Just remember to opt for warm toned, textured styles to match your fall theme.

So there you have it! 5 super quick ways to bring fall into your living room no matter what kind of timeframe or budget you may have for the project. It really is all about color and texture for fall, so as long as you focus on these key aspects, you’ll have a comfortably stunning room in no time.

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