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6 Essentials for a Luxe Outdoor Dining Experience

Entertaining with family and friends is one of my absolute favorite things to do. I love when the spring and summertime seasons are here because this allows me to bring the festivities from the inside to the outside. With the social season in full bloom, I’m beginning to prep my outdoor living areas for entertaining. Therefore,  I have been inspired to share 6 essentials for a luxe dining space with you today.

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The Perfect Table

A luxurious outdoor dining experience always begins at the table, therefore, the number one essential item you will need is a fabulous outdoor dining table! If you have a very large family and several friends, you will want to ensure that your table is large enough to seat all of your loved ones. I have a very large backyard patio area, so I would obviously go with a very large sized table. Also, keep in mind the size of your outdoor area. If you have a smaller outdoor space, a square or circular table may be better for spatial planning. When choosing materials, make sure you read the specs to select outdoor friendly and durable materials. Woods and metals are best, but since you would want to be aware of kids getting burned by a metal table in the crazy Texas heat, you may want to go with a wooden table:) 

Retail stores such as CB2, All Modern, and Wayfair  have great options for outdoor tables.

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The Stylish Chair

Of course and with any table, your next step would be to find the perfect set of chairs. To create a very luxe outdoor setting, I always like to keep the bulk of the furniture very neutral when it comes to color. This way you can create a very layered look that doesn’t look over-the-top when you bring in hues of the season’s best colors. So for the chairs I want something comfortable that will allow my guests to relax and really enjoy themselves. Great places to look online include All Modern, Janus Et Cie, & Vondom for stylish and comfortable outdoor chairs.


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Tableware Must Haves

Just like any other dining experience, the table setting must have all it’s basic essentials. Have fun with this by mixing and matching your tableware and bringing in some texture with it. Wooden bowls and plates are a great way to add texture to the table.  Don’t forget your glassware, cutlery and napkins of course!

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The Lounging Area

A outdoor dining experience is never complete without lounging time. This is a time when you and your guests appetites are full,  you feel a bit tipsy and ready to break free for more talking and fun. A great way to cater to this is to add a lounge area for  you and your guests to wind down and relax.


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Lighting Loves

Nothing sets the tone more at night and during an outdoor dining experience than lighting. String lights and lanterns are a fun way to bring in more light to your outdoor space.  I love to have pillar candles on the table as well, especially for more romantic moments:)


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Outdoor Accessories

An important thing not to forget when designing an outdoor space is outdoor accessories. This includes anything from fresh florals for the table, potted plants for decorating the patio, throw blankets for cooler nights, etc.

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