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6 Home Decor Trends To Be Forgotten in 2017

I know we have all made promises to ourselves to have a better year and to embrace new possibilities in 2017. This year will be all about taking risks and standing out in everything we do! However, in order to dive into the new year with an open mind and a clear heart, there are few things that we need to do first. I believe this is the perfect time to say sayonara to some of the 2016 decor trends that will be keeping our homes from achieving their full stylish potentials. It is time to update your interiors by cleansing your home of these outdated design trends that are “oh so last year”. Are those throw pillows throwing you off? Toss them!

In the 2017 New Year, I would like to advise you to avoid some of the following design and decor themes because there is no time like the present to bring change into your home. Here are my top 6 trends to forget about in 2017 to help you live a stylish New Year!


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Edison Bulb
They came, we saw and we over did it! These uncovered bulbs offered a raw, industrial look to many interiors in 2016 but enough is enough. This is one trend that we have seen multiple times. If you are wanting to achieve a vintage look, simply find retro lighting that compliments your home, like this Shell pendant lighting from Tom Dixon.


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All White Interiors
This popular trend has been leading “contemporary” design for a while now, but it’s time for an update. In lieu of stale and stark white interiors, be bold and add color to your room. White rooms accented with deep blues will add warmth and texture that will help your space looking less like a hospital, but I still love my white walls:)


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Boxy Furniture
2017 will be filled with interiors that have personality and style, all while remaining comfortable and functional. When designing a modern or contemporary space you can achieve an edgy look without being too literal. Fill your home with inviting furniture and accessories that have depth created by rounded edges or circular designs. I would recommend something like the Fish Coffee Table from Holly Hunt or even the oval shaped coffee table from Phillips Collection as seen in the photo below.


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I’m all for being resourceful and creating unique accessories for your home, but not all DIY project will fit with your interior. I have seen some pretty fabulous DIY projects on Pinterest and I will admit that these crafts can be entertaining. But your home deserves something extraordinary that has been crafted by local artisans.


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Chevron Pattern
This zigzag pattern was huge in 2016! You couldn’t turn a corner without seeing 2-color chevron pattern that was used on everything from bedding to wall coverings. We will be seeing less of this flat 2-d print and hello you more distinct patterns with bold colors and patterns.


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Marquee Lettering 
Another trend that was completely overdone was the use of marquee letters, decorative signage and punctuation. Think of it this way, your home is a place a rest and refuge, not a drive-in movie theater. This year, add accessories that are subtle and make a statement.

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