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THE STYLE LIST: 9 Stylish Desks for Work, Work, Work!

A stylish office is never complete until a beautiful desk takes center stage in the room. When it comes down to selecting a desk, you want to consider a few things before diving into making a purchase that might not work for you in the long run. For example, if you have children who may come in and out your home office  frequently,  you will want to have a durable desk surface like laminate that you can easily clean, but if you are looking for a desk to float in the middle of your home office, you may opt for a more decorative piece. Other things to consider is storage and size. If your office space has storage shelves, you may want a writing desk that is slim and dainty and if you don’t have enough storage, you will want to look for an executive desk with more drawer storage. Keep the dimensions and scale of the space in mind when making a decision. You will regret it if the size and scale are not suitable for the room.

With so many great and not-so-great options out there, I’ve narrowed down a style list of 9 desks that will help you do more (cue Rihanna) work, work, work, work, work in STYLE! 😉

9 Stylish Desks



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