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Architecture Inspiration: Glass Family Home in Israel

Dezeen is an online magazine I enjoy reading every week! What I absolutely love about it is that it features new trends from all facets of architecture and interior design.  The latest issue tours an astonishing glass home from the brilliant architect Pitsou Kedem of which I am drawn to the contemporary architecture and the sleek and modern furnishings used throughout this home which is located in the Savyon district of Israel.

Kedem’s studio has designed the F House to feature stone and timber which surrounds the massive home. One of the most amazing features of the home, is the paved walkway that is lined with trees leading to the entrance and to a secluded courtyard within the confines of the home. The use of trees and greenery are a perfectly balanced with the contemporary design and beauty of nature. The open plan exudes the perfect combination of seclusion from the outside world and bringing in light and views from nature. I am enamored as always by the Wireflow Vibia chandeliers used inside the kitchen and living space created by Arik Levy. This beautiful lighting was created to mimic line drawings that add to the contemporary and minimalistic aesthetic of the home.

I am completely in love with the design of this home and I hope you are too! Take a moment to tour this beauty that is called the “F House”.

  F_HOUSE_007F_HOUSE_030 F_HOUSE_032 F_HOUSE_034 F_HOUSE_040 F_HOUSE_043F_HOUSE_062 F_HOUSE_064 F_HOUSE_065Live Stylish Daily's Nina Magon Signature

Image Source: Pitsou Kadem

Photographer: Eti Buskila