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PROJECT TOUR: Contour Interior Design Brings A Macaron Bakery's Second Location To New Heights!

I recently completed one of my favorite commercial projects to date, and I am eager to share the remarkable interior design of the space. Let me just say, as a designer, there is nothing I love more than a cohesive design; where from floor to ceiling, all the bells and whistles are unified and brought to life beautifully. This is precisely what happened in the macaron bakery design that I’m unveiling today.

Before I share the design with you, let me give you a brief background of the project.  Back in 2013, the clients initially hired us to design their first location in prestigious River Oaks location in Houston, Texas. The first location’s design was inspired by a small bakery in Paris, France. From this inspiration we conceptualized and designed a modern version of a European macaron boutique in which the macarons were displayed in a more of a jewelry box inspired setting. The highlight of space was the strikingly, large, yellow chandelier. To this day, many bloggers, photographers and freelancers use this remarkable bakery as a backdrop for photoshoots, ad campaigns and editorials.

Here’s a peek of the first location:

Macaron By Patisse 1 - Live Stylish Daily

While designing the second location, we wanted it to look similar to the first, but still distinctive, as many other Parisian bakery shops do with multiple location designs. With that in mind, I had a very clear vision on how I wanted to proceed and bring this new location’s design to fruition.

Keeping the Parisian panache alive in both locations, we decided to maintain the decorative moldings again for the walls and ceiling. Our color scheme this time was black, white, brass with vibrant accents of emerald green. Ornate moldings adorned the ceiling which consisted of multiple elevations of diamond-shapes designed to draw the eye to the center of the ceiling where an oversized brass chandelier resides.

As no refrigeration was needed, we created a crescent-shaped macaron bar for visual interest and additional counter space. On the back walls we selected handsome antique mirrors to serve as the backdrop to the Macaron by Patisse signage, as well as brass-trimmed shelves, which were designed for both additional storage and showcasing macaron towers.

To make the space even more impressive, we decided on this beautifully designed tile flooring that brought the space to new heights. In the end, the space has a magnificent modernized European essence or what some would call “Contoured”. 🙂

Here’s a look:

Macaron By Patisse 1 - Live Stylish Daily 22Macaron By Patisse 1 - Live Stylish Daily

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Cover Photo Source: Laurie Perez

Macaron by Patisse River Oaks: Tiffany Cintron

Macaron by Patisse The Woodlands: Laurie Perez