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Restaurant Design: Café Français By India Mahdavi

Whether our designs are for residential, commercial or hospitality spaces, we at Contour Interior Design Inc. make it our mission to bring out-of-the-box designs to all of our clients.  In order to stay creative, we tend to study the work of other designers who we believe are paving the way to creative and diversified style. Today, I am sharing one of those creative projects that have greatly inspired me – a glamorous Parisian cafe designed by India Mahdavi and M/M PARIS studio.

This restaurant is so stunningly beautiful and oozes with Art Deco vibes. The graphic patterns that are used throughout the space are unique and yet the materials, the furnishings, and the props cohesively come together to create a truly breathtaking and dramatic design. Each room has its own unique identity with bold colors but are  also unified through the bright blue sky and gilded ceiling. The velvet and leather chairs add softness and lushness to create more depth and the brass details throughout the space are so dramatic and artistic at the same time.

Take a look inside and see why I have become so inspired by the interior of this space!







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PHOTOGRAPHY: Images © Matthieu Salvaing