Stylish Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is quickly approaching and the costume hunt is underway. Holiday pop up mega stores filled with witch accessories, zombie face paint, and that signature little black bob wig, circa The Great Gatsby, stock the shelves. That leaves the question: “What am I going to wear this year?” You could go traditional, you could go sexy, or you could go funny. My advice? Do a mix of all three. Today, I’m giving you some suggestions on the pop culture costumes that will keep everyone talking.

Stylish Halloween Costume Ideas


Rosie the Riveter:

Splendid Denim Shirt

Chan Luu Red Bandana

Jackie Kennedy:

Pink Suit and Hat

Tippi Hedren in The Birds:

Black Crow

Cher Clueless:

Victoria Beckham Skirt

Cruella Deville:

Rocha Fur Coat

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Cover Photo Source: Dan Santoni Photography