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Brands You Need to Know: "Bend Goods"

Being in the field of interior design, I am always on the hunt for new, exciting and forthcoming brands to work with. I am continuously seeking  companies that are bringing new and innovative products into the market for me to use in my designs. During my search process, I have found several companies that are creating and now selling products that I simply adore, and now I would like to share them with you in a new series that I created called “Brands You Need to Know”.

Let me introduce you to Bend Goods, an L.A. based company that’s raising the creative bar. Bend Goods creates handcrafted furniture items, art and accessories using a “bending” process with an impeccably detailed pattern. What’s even better is that Bend Goods is extremely conscious of their impact on the environment and makes their products from iron and locally sourced woods.

Their products are great for both indoor and outdoor use, not to mention that they can be utilized for statement pieces in modern or traditional setting. Available in a variety of colors, they can instantly add a fun, whimsical element to the room. They even offer a bit of glamour with their selection of gold tables and chairs.

Whether you’re looking for an iconic bar stool or a fun place to eat dinner in your backyard, Bend Goods seems to have it all and is my current brand you need to know!

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All photos courtesy of Bend Goods.