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Design Inspiration: Peter Marino

Peter Marino is one of those people who exemplify the adage “don’t judge a book by its cover.” One look at his regulation uniform comprised of black biker leather and one may be a little intimidated and perceive Marino as one tough guy.

But his body of breathtaking design work dispels all that leaving behind only the beauty and talent of Peter Marino, the architect | artist.

He is one of my biggest inspirations as a designer and taste-maker creating the most luxurious of retail spaces and homes for clients such as Giorgio Armani.

Peter’s motto is to think outside the box, and while this may sounds cliche, there truly isn’t much cliche about him or his designs. Still, unpretentiously he, like all great designers, always finds a solution.

Not just any solution, but with contemporaries such as Andy Warhol, he has grown into a large branded firm, creating design solutions for 50 – 150 projects per year, all the while staying purely dedicated to the quality of The Work – and I think you have to agree, that’s work with a capital W.

Dior Flagship Store by Peter Marino - Beijing, China

His work and his image embody the definition of juxtaposition!




Brave + bold use of material throughout his projects transforms each space into a giant piece of fine sculpture.

Also, I feel like his use of material demonstrates how important light is to his designs, the way it shadows or shines – it draws the viewer into and out of each space, leading you around a perfect composition!

As you know, my love for architectural + interior design is intertwined with fashion + art. I tend to find inspiration in jewelry, fashion, and fine art.

Peter Marino’s accomplishments and dedication to design are a model for me as my work and my firm Contour Interior Design grow and transform! My mantra this week is to stay focused on finding solutions and providing out-of-the-box designs that I love!

Thank you for allowing me to share one of my favorite design heroes with you today, as I was in the mood for a little awe-inspiring meditation to turn those Tuesday blues into turquoise + gold bliss!!

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Cover Photo: Architectural Digest