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I can always look to eastern culture for trends and inspiration.  If you are searching for design inspiration on any level, you just need to head East. Hong Kong is a heavily populated urban center that is known for its beautiful views, shopping markets, and architectural landmarks. The booming city of Hong Kong is also the home of an array of design-focused restaurants. It’s no surprise, that Hong Kong is the home of Alto, a new restaurant, and rooftop bar, in which the architecture and interiors are every bit as exciting as the food.

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This extraordinary restaurant design was curated by no other than British designer, Tom Dixon. If you don’t know the internationally renowned work of Dixon, you may or may not have been living under a rock. His work includes art collections, contemporary lighting, and furniture design. And in case you missed last week’s blog, he also has a tile line with Bisazza.

Dixon along with Design Research Studio has created the interiors at Alto for their first restaurant project in an Asian territory. Alto is the perfect definition of East meets West. The use of the four classical elements of earth, air, fire, and water creates a dramatic, remarkable design that expresses the raw aesthetic of nature.

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What I love the most about this design is the connection between the furnishings and pieces used and how they associate with the rooftop terrace’s theatrical views of mountains, sea, and sky.


If you know me, you know I’m a fan of dramatic lighting installations. Tom Dixon has brilliantly adorned the restaurant’s large canopy with 250 gold mini Melt lights.   Dixon made use of his own Melt lights to create a warm glow that sets the glamorous tone of the dining experience.  You can also find Dixon’s Curve and Fade light creations all throughout the restaurant.

melt  curve


Some other amazing aspects of the space feature blackened timber tabletops and benches to portray fire, along with the restaurant’s brass fittings and fixtures. The widespread use of green marble and terrazzo stone throughout the restaurant symbolize earth and Alto’s mountainous geographical location.

I hope by this point you have your tickets booked and your bags packed. Hong Kong is next on my list of places to visit and Alto will be my first stop!

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