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Dinner + Design: Tori Tori Mexico City

Who’s ready to travel more in 2017? I am so excited to explore the world some more and experience some new cultures in the upcoming year and because of that, I have added some new destination hot spots to my list of places to go and visit this year. As a designer, traveling to different cities and countries allows me to experience innovative design trends in other cultures which in turn expands my design horizons. This week, my brain is spinning with tons of design inspiration from the stunning Tori Tori Restaurant in Polanco, Mexico City. The beautiful upscale city of Polanco is filled with cultural diversity and features some Mexico’s best restaurants, museums, luxury stores and malls.

The concept and design behind Tori Tori was a collaborative effort between the Mexico-based firm Rojkind Arquitectos and the design workshop Esrawe Studio. This amazing architectural structure features two layers of self-supporting steel that were handcrafted and finished to create the dynamic wave effect to the buildings exterior.

The interiors match the contemporary architectural design of the exterior. Each room has its own personality and functionality that coincides with the overall design experience. All the furniture throughout the restaurant was inspired and designed to compliment the interior of Tori Tori. This Katsumi Kumoto Kawasaki restaurant brings the flavors of traditional Japanese sushi and sashimi to Mexico City.

Tori Tori’s design is based on a non-literal Japanese interpretation that is portrayed as contemporary and cosmopolitan. Beyond the exterior experience, the restaurant offers an array of open spaces including a jaw-dropping terrace that mixes contemporary design with natural vegetation. The in ground seating, wood paneling, and use of natural light mimics the tranquility of a Japanese tea garden.

Take a moment to experience the beauty of this creative contemporary restaurant!tori_1tt09tt13

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Image Source: Esrawe by Paul Rivera