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Dinner + Design: YKC II

Hello from Houston! I am back home in Texas and resting up for my next travel adventure. In case you missed my last post, I will be traveling to High Point, North Carolina in just a month to participate in the 2017 Design Bloggers Tour.

In the meantime, while researching for upcoming hospitality projects, I drifted far, far east and stumbled along one of China’s newest breathtaking restaurants located in Quanzhou City, Fújiàn, called, YKC II. I found the interior and architectural design of this restaurant so intriguing, that I’m now sharing with you!

The design behind YKC II plays off the traditional steam-pot and dim-sum Chinese cuisine, utilizing the earthy, woven containers on the walls in a contemporary manner and on the table in a rustic manner.

Additionally, the designers from Plotcreative in Hong Kong created the spatial concept of YKC II to represent the signature seascape of the area’s coastal views and tonal changes of the lake – which are my favorite features of the restaurant!

The deconstructed design elements throughout this magnificent interior representing the landscape & cuisine, whisper steamy, aromatic seafood delights in my ear and have me dreaming of visiting the beautiful southeastern coastal province of Fújiàn, China – keep scrolling to get a full tour of YKC II!!

The Chinese restaurant is seafood-themed and adorned with contemporary ocean-like shapes & materials. Walls and casework are finished with mirrored geometric tiles give that sensation of motion and the reflective light of the sea or lake.

The subtle neutral hues of grays provide the perfect backdrop to the other water-like materials and even the cement floor contributes to our feeling of being deep underwater dining on the ocean floor!  The pops of turquoise help to lead our eye around this thoughtful composition of sparkling, swaying waters!

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