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Fall Interior Design Trends To Try

Twenty-fifteen is a big year for interior design trends, and this fall season is no exception. New styles are being introduced, and vintage styles are making a comeback. Usually, the word “trendy” is taboo when looking to design your home or update an existing room. The good news is that some of the fall 2015 trends can carry you from season-to-season and from year-to-year. They are simple, clean, and transcend the “trendy” label given to them. Rather than giving you the rundown on all of fall 2015’s interior design trends, here are my top 5 to try in your home! 

Interior Design Trends - Brass

All Brass Everything

Photo Source: Kelly Wearstler

Interior Design Trends - Hand Accents

Hand Figurines/ Accessories

Photo Source: Room Decor Ideas

Interior Design Trends - Lucite Furniture

Acrylic/ Lucite Furniture

Photo Source: Nuevo Estilo

Interior Design Trends

Modern Crystal Statement Lighting

Photo Source: David Hicks 

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