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IN THE SHOWROOMS: An Inside Look at Andrew Martin Houston

When you first walk into an Andrew Martin Showroom, you cannot help but notice that you’re in for a treat and an amazing experience. From the dimmed lighting, the perfectly placed quirky nooks and oversized bold art, to the fun accessories and striking wallpaper – this showroom has the perfect eclectic mix of home goods to make anyone #swoon. The showroom never disappoints because its always filled with something unique and cool to offer clients who are looking for that “wow factor” piece in their home.

If you are not a designer, you may be wondering why you may have not heard of this place or who this Andrew Martin is that I am speaking of? Well, today, I am here to answer those questions with an interview that I had with my high-spirited and ever so bubbly friend, Jennifer Pampolina. Jennifer is the showroom manager at Andrew Martin Houston located inside of the Decorative Center.

Let’s just say this girl oozes with personality, can put a smile on any stranger’s face and is such a joy to work with that we have become great friends through our work relationship. When asked if I could interview her about one of my favorite showrooms, she (as I would predict 😉 ) delivered. So without further ado, let me introduce you to the wonderful world of Andrew Martin as described by Houston Showroom Manager, Jennifer Pampolina.

IN THE SHOWROOMS: w/ Andrew Martin

Photo Source: Andrew Martin International

 NM: Tell us about Andrew Martin and its signature style…

JP: Founded in 1978, Andrew Martin International is a UK brand with global authority within the world of interior design.

Offering a wide range of fabrics, wallpapers, furniture and home accessories inspired by a unique mix of cultures, nostalgia and decades, Andrew Martin International is the go-to place for tastemakers in search of individual interiors with a twist.

The Andrew Martin aesthetic draws inspiration from a kaleidoscope combination of cultures and eras. Its ideology is to surprise, stimulate and entertain; its aim, to bring its multilayered, multicultural, easy living style to everybody who likes it. Visitors to any one of the 17 (and growing) Andrew Martin global showrooms can immerse themselves in a truly unique brand experience that boasts an eclectic, glamorous mix of products that chooses statement over subtlety every time and is certainly never dull. A fusion of cultures with touches of charming playfulness permeates interior spaces that effortlessly mix high glamour with ancient traditions. A trip to the Walton Street showroom in London has been described as “like stepping in to Aladdin’s Cave, with an almost bonkers mix of beautiful and enormous objects that shouldn’t go together, yet somehow do.”

IN THE SHOWROOMS: w/ Andrew Martin

Photo Source: Andrew Martin International

NM: What kind of products do you sell in the showroom?

JP: We offer a wide range of fabrics, wallpapers, furniture, and home accessories.

NM: What design styles does the showroom cater to?

JP: An eclectic mix of modern, transitional using classic frames and lines.

IN THE SHOWROOMS: w/ Andrew Martin

Photo Source: Andrew Martin International

NM: What makes Andrew Martin different?

JP: We sell our products off the floor for immediate install. This includes one of kind vintage and antique accessories such as our 18th century Buddha’s from Thailand, 9th century Egyptian funeral mask, Bamileke wooden stool, and African shields from Cameroon West Africa.

NM: Where are the products made?

JP: England, Italy, France, Thailand, India, China, and South Africa.

IN THE SHOWROOMS: w/ Andrew Martin

Photo Source: Andrew Martin International

Wallpaper featuring hit 60’s inspired movies like Casa Blana, How fab?

NM: Who are the designers behind the brand?

JP: We have an in house team based in London but our Head Designer is our founder and owner Martin Waller.

NM: Are the items stock or custom?

JP: Stock.

NM: What are your lead times?

JP: We sell our items from our showroom.

NM: What’s your return policy?

JP: Because we sell everything off our showroom floor we do not except returns on those items, however we stand behind our products and if any damages occur we offer an exchange of that product.

NM: Does the showroom offer any in-house services?

JP: By special request

NM: Where are you located?

JP: Houston, LA, Miami, New York, London, Moscow, Dubai, and Delhi.

The Houston Showroom is physically located in the Decorative Center of Houston on the first floor. 5120 Woodway Drive, Suite 1050 Houston, TX 77056

IN THE SHOWROOMS: w/ Andrew Martin

Photo Source: Andrew Martin International

NM: What are some of your best selling products?

JP: Our fabric and wallcoverings are unique designs that are very graphic and stylized designs such as maps, artwork, mathematical equations, poems, and many forms of trompe l’oeil.

NM: What’s some of Andrew Martin’s latest introductions in the showroom?

JP: We have two new fabric collections. Anthem & Remix: It has been describe as ‘A seductive mix of wild animal prints, snakeskin, and feathers are set against a sophisticated interpretation of a dystopian metropolis. With echoes of mid-century glamour, weightless sheers shimmer next to luxurious velvets conjuring up an image of cocktails taken at sundown against a city backdrop swathed in smoky and forbidden allure.’  

NM: What upcoming promotions should our readers know about?

JP: Each year we create a coffee table book featuring designers from all over the world called the Interior Design Review. This is our 20th year accepting submissions and up to 100 designers are selected. It has been described by the New York Times as the Oscars of the Interior Design World.

Our new collections will be launched in America at Las Vegas Market on January 24th-28th 2016 and in Europe at Maison & Objet Paris January 22nd-26th 2016.

IN THE SHOWROOMS: w/ Andrew Martin

L/R Nina Magon, Jennifer Pampolina and Johanna Guillen

NM: How would you describe your style?

JP: Contemporary Rustic Minimalism. Think Ibiza meets South Beach in Texas for a bloody mary!

NM: What’s a day in the life like for a showroom manager?

JP: In a nut shell expecting the unexpected and accepting that change is inevitable. It has been one of my favorite occupations to date working for AM.

NM: What does your home say about you?

JP: Work in progress.

NM: What interior design trend are you loving right now?

JP: Acrylic and Lucite furniture. You can never go wrong and it mixes well with all trends.

IN THE SHOWROOMS: w/ Andrew Martin

L/R Charles Weiss (Artist),  Jennifer Pampolina, Christine Aliverto (Director of US Operations for Andrew Martin) and Johanna Guillen

Photo Source: Decorative Center Houston

NM: What are your favorite words to live by…

Don’t let success go to your head or failures go to your heart.

NM: Who is your style icon?

JP: Interiors-Martin Waller, Marcel Wanders, and Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers. Fashion-Bianca Jagger(circa 70s)

NM: How do you live stylish daily?

JP: Wearing my heart on my sleeve and sharing smiles with strangers. A great attitude is the best way to live stylish daily spreading happiness and LOVE in the world.

NM: Parting thoughts?

JP: Make the most of life and take every opportunity to Create.Live.Love

So much great information Jennifer! If you want to stop by the Andrew Martin Showroom, visit the Decorative Center’s website and schedule a visit. Also, you can check out Andrew Martin’s site to view more from their collection.

Now, I couldn’t finish up this post without sharing some of my favorite finds from Andrew Martin, especially during the holiday season. Here are a few that I hope will inspire your style:

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