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Inspired by Architecture: LB HOUSE

This week I am traveling across the globe to the explore the beautiful country of  Spain and am so excited to share my adventures and experiences with you! In the meantime, and while researching Spain and other countries, I came across this project that tickled my fancy with its architecture and design that happened to be in Israel.

During my research, I learned that there are many modern structures within the bustling cities of Israel that are both fresh and futuristic and in my continuing efforts to offer all my clients a well-rounded design perspective, I am always eager to study the creative talents of architects and designers from near and far.

This particular project, namely the LB House, designed by Shachar-Rozenfeld Architects, is a stunning contemporary home that offers a direct connection between sophisticated interiors and fresh outdoors. My favorite features of the LB House are the vitrines and columns throughout the inner side of the home that provide a sense of complete openness. Shachar-Rozen designed the home in an “L” shape that features glass corners in the living room and bedrooms. The overall look of this large home has soft and masculine features to create a balance and allow the structure to blend in with the neighborhood.

Keeping scrolling and take a look inside to see why I think this a truly remarkable home!

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Image Source: Shai Epstein