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Interior Design Trends to Ditch in 2016!

Yes it’s true, we are all guilty of falling in love with a certain interior design trend that is no longer inspiring to the masses. It happens to all of us. A new trend is introduced, then you become obsessed with it, fill your home with these trends, and months later your home is looking dated and in poor taste, all while you stand blind to the design disaster you have created. Haha, seriously it’s a part of the process of learning what your style is and how to balance design elements in your home to truly create a timeless space. For some it comes natural, for others it’s a learning process. Luckily today,  my team and I have narrowed down 5 trends to ditch in 2016! Read on to learn what they are:

Dark Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are no longer the hot commodity in kitchen and bath design. With so many other beautiful materials out there like quartz and concrete, designers and clients alike are looking for standout materials that will leave their homes looking timeless and sleek. A sophisticated kitchen will never go out of style, but sorry that doesn’t include granite!

Mirrored Furniture

Although I do love to include a touch of glamour with a mirrored accent piece or accessory in my work at times, too much mirrored furniture will have your home looking too “glammy” and stale. Don’t fall for over glamorizing your home with mirrored accents. Instead, opt for a cool statement piece or small accessories to really make that one thing pop! Otherwise, leave this trend in 2015 and don’t look back.

Traditional Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers have truly evolved to new heights. With so many design styles, shapes and color options out there, don’t fall short and be conventional when it comes to your lighting choices. If you have the space for a chandelier, try something new for once and see what other options are out there. Instead of the traditional chandelier try multiple pendants or an oversized sleek chandelier. You can still complement your style with other choices, you just have to seek them first or if that fails, keep calm and hire an interior designer! 😉

Matching Lighting

Some people love to put the same lamp on both side tables and night stands, but often times they don’t realize you don’t have to be “matchy matchy” to make a home beautiful. When items in the home start to become redundant the home loses that personal charm and character that every home should possess. Instead of playing it safe when it comes to your lighting, find two different but complementary lamps, and watch how it can change up the look of a space. Sorry, but “matchy matchy” was never IN so please do away with it! 😉


Oh ombre! We loved you so much you crossed over into almost every industry. From hair, beauty and fashion, ombre was a favorite for many, but no longer does it hold that special charm like it did when it was first introduced. When done right, ombre in the home can bring a certain sense of character to a space. However, too many are just not doing it right so we have to leave this in 2015! Haha!

Know of some more trends we should ditch in 2016? I would love to hear from you! Share them in the comments.

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