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Let's Talk Tile: Nina's Top Tile Picks

In my efforts to continually provide innovative and unique products to all my clients, I have been inspired to find the industry’s best new sources for tile. I am a strong believer that the right tile can completely change the character of a room. There are so many modern tile options that use texture, color, and size to stand out from traditional tiles.  As a designer, I see thousands of tile samples come across my desk – so many that the options can be overwhelming. Do not fret, I am here to take on the challenge of picking the right tile for you. Here are my top choices for luxury, modern tile purchasing.

ANN SACKS: Kelly Wearstler 

I’m so excited about this tile line! Ann Sacks and Kelly Wearstler are a true match made in heaven. The craftsmanship of Ann Sacks offers innovation to all types of tile. The newly released line features three collections of handmade designs inspired by Wearstler’s signature prints and textural materials. I am so in love with the use of symmetry, geometric patterns, and bold designs.


BISAZZA: Tom Dixon

Made up of 48 patterns, the new Cementiles collection by Tom Dixon for Bisazza is visually astounding. British designer, Tom Dixon is internationally renowned and has worked on high-profile projects including the Restaurant at The Royal Academy in London. What I like most about this line is the use of color and pattern. The Cementiles collection features both octagonal and square tiles that create modern shapes and textures.

FIRECLAY: Contemporary Collection

The Contemporary collection from Fireclay offers handpainted ceramic tiles formed from recycled clay. The colors and symmetrical designs are perfect for adding texture to any room. One great thing to love about Fireclay is that all their materials are locally sourced in California. The contemporary collection is unique in that it mixes natural hues of white, gray, and taupe for a contemporary chic look.



Choosing this collection from Mutina was difficult in the sense that all their collections are equally amazing! Mutina is an Italian ceramic tile maker who has changed the way we see luxury tile. Their focus is to create tile that can be used in all facets of interior design. As a designer, I can use this as an inspiration in bringing modern European design to any project I have. The Mews collection was created with contemporary and traditional use in mind. The collection features six neutral tones that allow the shape and texture of the tile to be the perfect backdrop for any interior.

In many ways, choosing luxury tile can be an even more difficult task than choosing more mainstream products. With its emphasis on visual appeal, luxury tiles often require a big focus on the quality of materials and use of color.

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