Brand and Licensing of Nina Magon

The Nina Magon Collection

The evocative designs of the global lifestyle brand, Nina Magon, is one that lends itself to a haute couture aesthetic which is detailed, daring, refined, and forward-thinking. Synonymous with the Nina Magon Studios' philosophy, each design exudes an international context of enriched style. innovative use of fine materials and meticulous detail, create one of a kind pieces and sophisticated designs that transcend time. Seamlessly blending bold rich elements with sumptuous lines, the brand conveys an impactful, yet inviting ambiance. With the brand’s ever evolving perspective, each design and collection brings forth a new and vibrant take on the meaning of luxury. A home collection ranging from exquisite furnishings to dynamic lighting, wall coverings, decorative objects, punctuated with avantgarde pieces are part of this progressive collection. With unique expression of high design and a luxurious appeal, every aspect of the Nina Magon Brand is one that balances opulent warmth with a minimalistic edge.
Nina Magon is a globally recognized and numerous award winning interior designer and TV personality renowned for her signature refined modern and forward thinking aesthetic, that perfectly balances bold high design with a luxurious appeal. As Creative Director of Contour Interior Design, Nina seeks to first create a vision and then execute it for each client, designing one-of-a-kind environments, each tailored to the client’s unique taste, with an emphasis on skillfully executed, flawless detail. Contour is lauded in its industry for its integration of design innovation, construction expertise, and business acumen.