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Organizations We Love: The Mommie Series

If you are a Mother in Houston, my friend Misti Pace-Krahl is hosting her Summer Edition of The Mommie Series, Wednesday, April 27th at SkyHouse Houston. If you are a mom and in need of a fun, but an educating night out, you will LOVE this event!

The Mommie Series is an intimate event that brings women together to engage, connect, and be informed on an array of topics that affect Motherhood in our generation. The organization was founded in 2011 by Misti and has since grown ten fold. Each quarter, she hosts a socially educational evening focusing on four topics that every Mommie desires to learn more about which are FAMILY, HEALTH, FINANCE, and FASHION. I had the honor to speak (on my favorite topic, interior design! ;)) at two different editions of The Mommie Series and it was tons of fun and very informative! Through the organization, I have met so many wonderful ladies and have made many new friends and connections.

During the event, Misti along with a team of Family, Health, Finance, and Fashion experts address topics, impart knowledge and encourage discussion about what is happening in their lives at all stages of Motherhood. Trust me, this is something you have to experience if you are a Mom, new Mom or Mom-to-be.

If you are interested, tickets are $75 and  will benefit charity Circle of Health International.

Be sure to follow The Mommie Series on Facebook//Instagram//and Twitter for the latest news on their events.


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