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PINS OF THE WEEK: Terrazzo Floor Inspirations

History often manages to repeat itself and that saying is certainly true in the world of interior design. One trend that is making a surprising comeback in residential interiors is terrazzo tile. This well-known composite material was created during the 15th-century by Venetian marble-workers as a way to utilize discarded marble remnants.  Traditional terrazzo is most commonly made from pieces of marble, granite, quartz, and sometimes glass to create its unique mosaic design. In my search for distinctive inspirations, I came across some beautiful interiors that incorporated terrazzo in the most sophisticated way possible. It’s true what they say, “Everything old is new again.”

cream pillow

Nest Architects

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Frederic Kielemoes


Ilse Popelier


Newick Architects


Miss Moss

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Fabrizio Cicconi





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