Apteek Pharmacy

Commercial project
Houston, TX

Drawing inspiration from the organic beauty of nature and the lush foliage found within a serene and beautifully cultivated medicinal herb garden, our design firm wanted to create a unique and truly exceptional pharmacy space. Our vision was to fashion an environment that seamlessly harmonizes organic elements with a modern flair, breathing life into a space that exudes both vitality and sophistication.

From the very beginning of the design, our main focus centered around understanding customer behavior and seamlessly guiding their sensory exploration of the entire expanse. As a testament to this thoughtful approach, we strategically positioned the checkout counter discreetly towards the rear, while adroitly placing the retail area at the forefront of the store. This deliberate arrangement not only entices patrons to immerse themselves in the captivating allure of the store, but also ensures that every requisite item is conveniently discovered before proceeding to the checkout or pharmacy counter.
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