Offices of Developer Randall Davis

Commercial project
Houston, TX

Following the remarkable success of our collaboration with esteemed developer Randall Davis Co. on The Marlowe project, our design firm was honored to be entrusted with designing his entirely new office space in the vibrant vicinity of Houston, TX. Tasked with rebuilding the office following a devastating fire, we approached this undertaking with meticulous attention to detail, overseeing every aspect from initial space planning to the final artful accessorizing.

Drawing inspiration from the revered Art Deco movement, we artfully integrated captivating design accents throughout the space, paying homage to the timeless elegance synonymous with Randall Davis's discerning taste. The office became a refined embodiment of this distinctive style, seamlessly blending classic Art Deco elements with modern sophistication.

In the lobby, we curated a welcoming atmosphere with custom furniture that resonated with the Art Deco aesthetic. Each piece was thoughtfully designed to evoke a sense of grandeur, featuring sleek lines, sumptuous upholstery, and refined detailing. A focal point that left a lasting impression was a custom Art Deco-inspired upholstered wall feature, adorned with exquisite brass trim. This intricately detailed feature added depth, texture, and a touch of drama, creating a visual delight that served as a backdrop for the office's refined ambiance.
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