Culinary project
San Francisco, CA

Welcome to BLANKA, our exquisite beachfront restaurant that seamlessly blends the beauty of a white sand beach and turquoise waters with the lavishness of modern design. At BLANKA, we have meticulously crafted every detail to create an indulgent dining experience that exudes sophistication and luxury.

Inspired by the natural allure of the beach, our color palette comprises serene shades of white, cream, and beige, evoking an atmosphere of tranquility and elegance. To amplify the sense of grandeur and opulence, we have incorporated warm and rich materials like marble and metal accents. Additionally, the inclusion of natural elements such as wood and stone variants infuses the space with warmth and texture. Delivering maximum comfort and elegance, our carefully curated seating options feature plush banquettes, luxurious armchairs, and sleek bar stools, catering to the diverse preferences of our esteemed guests. The layout of our restaurant has been thoughtfully designed to optimize the awe-inspiring ocean views, with expansive windows and glass doors providing uninterrupted panoramas of the beach and the glistening waters beyond.

Lighting serves as a pivotal element in our design philosophy. We employ a combination of ambient lighting techniques to create a warm and inviting ambiance. Rattan chandeliers and plaster pendant lights add a touch of raw glamour to the space, while the gentle, warm illumination fosters a relaxing and intimate atmosphere. Complementing the opulent surroundings, our carefully curated selection of artwork and decor enhances the overall dining experience. By incorporating large-scale statement pieces, such as the esteemed Kaws companion sculpture, we infuse the dining area with a captivating sense of drama and opulence, leaving a lasting impression on our discerning patrons.
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