Dreamcloud at Design Miami

Commercial project
Miami, FL

“Dreamcloud” by Nina Magon in collaboration with Cosentino and Studio M Lighting is an otherworldly immersive art installation that blurs the lines between states of consciousness. To bring the vision for “Dreamcloud” to life, we channeled materiality and light – using a total of eight slabs of Nina's newly-launched Dekton Onirika Collection and a concept collection she currently has in the works with design pioneer Studio M Lighting, slated to launch in Spring 2023. Onirika is a metaphor for a voyage, and ‘Dreamcloud’ takes it to the next level. It’s an escape from daily chaos – a portal that instantly gives a new perspective to ourselves and the world around us. We used each colorway from the Onirika Collection with great intentionality – as a nod to the various levels of dreams experienced. Upon entering the wandering configuration of archways, guests are immersed in reflective surfacing – guided only by a meandering configuration of exaggerated lengths of LED-illuminated cords hanging overhead with airy, acrylic iridescent bubble clusters
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