Residential project
Milano MI, Italy

We were honored to be among the esteemed group of six renowned designers from across the globe chosen to participate in the Artemest L'Appartamento during Milan Design Week. We invite you to immerse yourself in our meticulously crafted dining room design, where we have masterfully achieved a captivating juxtaposition between the timeless architectural elements of a 1930 Milanese apartment and a contemporary aesthetic.

In our design, we sought to create a harmonious interplay between the rich history of the space and the modern sensibilities of furniture, art, and lighting pieces. Our vision was to honor the original architecture of the Milanese apartment, adorned with its distinct charm and character, while infusing it with a touch of modernity. By carefully selecting and placing finely tuned pieces from Artemest, we artfully achieved a stunning contrast that highlights both the historical authenticity of the original flooring, doors, and walls, as well as the elegance of our contemporary designs. Through a thoughtfully curated semi-monochromatic approach, we meticulously balanced the old and the new, allowing each element to enhance the other.
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