Luxury Hotel- In Progress

Hospitality project
Nina Magon Studio has undertaken the development of an extraordinary hotel project in collaboration with a prestigious leading brand. Guided by our commitment to excellence and artistic expression, we were entrusted with the privilege of incorporating the client's remarkable art collection throughout the property, weaving a narrative of unforgettable experiences that resonate from the captivating lobby to the exquisitely designed rooms and restaurants.

The lobby serves as an eloquent introduction, seamlessly blending the captivating art collection with refined architectural elements, setting the stage for an extraordinary stay. Each room is a testament to the intricate craftsmanship and attention to detail, offering a sanctuary that harmoniously balances comfort, elegance, and an authentic connection to the surroundings.

Our design philosophy embraced a holistic approach, with consideration for every element, material, and their profound emotional impact on the discerning guest. This thoughtful curation ensured the creation of a space that transcends mere accommodation, but rather, fosters an immersive environment for each guest. We understand the importance of crafting a space that not only accommodates but also elevates the guest experience, ensuring that every moment spent within the property becomes a cherished and treasured memory.
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