Nina Magon Lounge  

Commercial project
The Nina Magon Lounge is an upscale space that represents a unique concept from the perspective of being housed inside one of the preeminent jewelry stores in Texas, Zadok Jewelers. The lounge is set on the second story of the new Zadok building – adjacent to the world-renowned brands that Zadok Master Jewelers carries. Nina Magon designed The Nina Magon Lounge to be a stylish space that represents her growing line of luxury, high-design products. From its bespoke furniture, wall coverages, and tables and rugs to its stone, dishware, and lighting, the lounge space is indicative of distinctive additions to her new lifestyle collection – NM Lifestyle. The lounge space will be utilized for many different experiences; it will serve as a lounge, where Zadok customers can relax and enjoy their time while at the store. It will also be utilized for private parties of up to 50 people – including unique experiential happenings such as a future VIP dinner for luxury jewelry brands. The lounge also introduces The Pavus Collection, which is a luxury collection of dinnerware and furniture which will be for sale in the lounge.
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