Nina Magon Lounge  

Commercial project
Houston, TX

The Nina Magon Lounge epitomizes opulence as it embraces a distinctive concept within the esteemed Zadok Jewelers, one of Texas' premier jewelry stores. Set on the second story of the beautiful new Zadok building, this lavish space harmoniously coexists with the world-renowned brands showcased by Zadok Master Jewelers.

The design concept revolves around a monochromatic palette, artfully embracing various shades of green that symbolize growth, freshness, and the radiant plumage of the peacock, an iconic emblem of the NM Lifestyle brand. Additionally, the lounge showcases The Pavus Collection, a luxurious assortment of dinnerware and furniture meticulously curated for sale within its exquisite confines. Artfully curated by Nina Magon, The Nina Magon Lounge exudes a sophisticated ambiance that serves as an emblem for her expanding line of exquisite, high-design creations.

Beyond its visual allure, the lounge space is multifunctional, serving as a serene retreat for Zadok customers seeking solace and relaxing during their visit to the store. Moreover, it stands as an exclusive venue for private gatherings, accommodating up to 50 guests and hosting a myriad of experiential events, including an anticipated VIP dinner for esteemed luxury jewelry brands.
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