Macaron by Patisse

The Woodlands location of Macaron BY Patisse, their 2nd location designed by Contour Interior Design, is the brain-child of Contour’s Principal Nina Magon. When the clients came to CID for a second time asking for their new location to be similar to the first, but still distinctive as many multi location pastry shops in Paris design their boutiques, Nina had a very clear vision on how to proceed.

Keeping the Parisian panache alive in both locations with decorative moldings adorned with Macarons, Nina re-designed this location to be black with brass trimmings. Her color scheme consisted of black, white and brass with vibrant accents of emerald green. The ornate ceiling steps down in diamond shapes to a sizeable, magnificent, brass multi- tubed chandelier centered to the space. As no refrigeration was needed, Contour created a semi circle macaron bar for visual interest and counter space. Handsome antique mirrors flank the back walls as brass trimmed glass shelves sit in front. The design of the molding is impeccable throughout the space giving it a magnificent European essence. The most impressive impact of the space is the beautifully designed tile flooring with all its patterns.

Moderno Porcelain Works

As quality and craftsmanship are the main priority for the Moderno products and brand, our goal with the space to bring in a surrounding environment that felt strong and elevated in its feel to match the quality of their products. Our main focus was to enhance the Moderno brand and its impeccable craftsmanship through complementary design elements that express the versatility of the product in its different colors and applications in a very sleek and modern way. We selected bold and clean design elements including modern furnishings, strong accent patterns, and crisp contrasting colors throughout to compliment the offerings within the showroom.