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Purple Rain for Spring

With all the recent and ever more frequent winter storms, I think we are all ready for a rise in temperature and change in weather, and what better way to welcome Spring than by seamlessly blending some of this Spring’s hottest trends with your existing home décor. Pantone has named Ultra Violet as the 2018 Color of the Year and I have gathered sophisticated and refreshing ways to incorporate this vibrant and bold hue into any space.

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Adding in some throw pillows and cushions is my ultimate favorite and effortless way to instantly update any interior with this hottest trend. These rich purple toned pillows can immediately transform and make a bold statement in any room. Go for 18″ or 24″ pillows to get that sophisticated modern look and don’t feel pressure with the number of pillows, I have always found that an odd number like 3 or 5 looks better than going with the traditional pair.

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What I look forward to the most each Spring, is all the beautiful blooms and gorgeous colors adorning our homes inside and out. A simple yet full of color flower arrangement such as a vase filled with purple tulips can bring elegance to any room. Flowers not only heighten a room’s aesthetic, but they also give off a sweet aroma that creates a more emotionally inviting space. Flower arrangements work well for those rooms you want to quickly inject a touch of the latest color trend into,  such as bathrooms and dining rooms.

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 Area rugs are a fun and bold way to update any room and add an instant pop of color. Area rugs rich in a hue can instantly give a room an entirely new look by creating a dramatic focal point, especially when paired with more natural tones or softer monochromatic hues. Be bold and try a different shape of a rug, depending on your furniture arrangement,  and your room may be able to accommodate a rug that is oval, circle or square which will completely elevate your design to take it to the next level.

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Accent furniture is a great way to introduce color to any room. I often use accent furniture to draw attention and bring excitement to a space. By purposely choosing pieces that have a different style from the rest of the furniture such as in color, you can easily create an amazing look. Pairing a vibrant purple hue chair with neutral tones creates an eye-catching room showing off one of the hottest trends of 2018.

For more inspiration on how to incorporate this royal color into your home, follow my Pinterest Board dedicated to all things Ultra Violet and home decor.

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