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Sparkle and Shine: Top Metallic Tile Inspirations

The New Year often comes with many opportunities to hit the refresh button and we are all given a chance to try something different that we have never experienced before. I am extremely excited about all the opportunities that are coming our way in 2017. Not only do we get to start with a clean slate, but we have the opportunity to realign and focus ourselves to create even better designs for all of our clients. This year I want to inspire you to add a little sparkle and shine to your home interior in 2017! I often have many clients ask to design something different and spectacular for their home that still has a touch of sophistication and shine. In 2017, you can count on metallics to brighten any space and add energy to every room in your home. Metallic tiles are an excellent way to provide a textural contrast to any interior project and can be found in different hues like warm golds, coppers, cool silvers, and pewters.

Metallic tiles are offered in a beautiful array of textures and sizes. Small square metallic accent tiles with raised textured patterns can be combined with any number of ceramic, porcelain and glass tiles to create a unique look in any space. There are an endless number of options when it comes to mixing metallic tiles and you will begin to see more of these shimmering metallic tiles in residential and commercial spaces in the future.

If you love the elegant look that metal will bring into your home, you will be excited to see how these beautiful metallic tiles can accentuate your home’s style in new and creative ways. Here are are some of hottest new metallic tile options from some my favorite tile brands!


Image Source: Bisazza


Image Source: Ann Sacks


Image Source: Ann Sacks
100080373_1Image Source: Porcelanosa


Image Source: Tile Bar 


Image Source: Tile Bar


Image Source: LaNova


Image Source: LaNova

It’s time to shine in 2017! I hope you are inspired to use a metallic stone or tile in your next design project.

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