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Spectacular Restaurant Design: Song Qi, Monaco's First Gourmet Chinese Restaurant

As an avid traveller, I thrive on visiting and admiring new restaurants from around the world to seek inspiration for my client’s projects. With my day-to-day operations of owning an interior design business and having two little ones at home, I don’t  necessarily get a chance to visit all the restaurants in person that I have been  admiring from afar. With that said, there is one in particular that I have recently come to admire, and that is Song Qi, a gourmet Chinese restaurant in Monaco designed by Paris-based architects Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet.

Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet are renowned for their signature style. Most of their projects favour clean, precise lines, creating timeless spaces and using beautiful materials such as stone, wood and glass. Song Qi restaurant has all the explicit details that relate to my own personal aesthetic of modern glam with a contemporary twist.

After much admiration, I have decided to share this spectacular restaurant design project with my readers to give you a daily dose of inspiration, not to mention a new restaurant to add to your bucket list. 🙂





10-Song-Qi-Monaco-photo-Matthieu-Salvaing-yatzer 10-Song-Qi-Monaco-photo-Matthieu-Salvaing-yatzer (1)







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Photo Credit: All photos credit of Matthieu Salvaing

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