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Spring Roundup: Nina's Favorite Fashion and Home Accessories for Spring 2017

One of my favorite colors, for the spring and summer months is #turquoise. There is something about turquoise and its many shades and tones that is so inspirational. When I think about spring I imagine the seasons and weather changing from cold to warm and that first pop of color you see as the flowers begin to grow. Turquoise is a rare and valuable ancient gemstone that was prized for many years because of its unique blue-t0-green opaque hue. What I also love is that you can mix turquoise and gold for a color combination that is sophisticated and modern.

I was working on a inspiration board for an upcoming project and noticed that almost all of my selections included this glamours color combination. So just in time for Spring, I am sharing my current and favorite items in fashion and design that feature turquoise and gold. Check them out below or head to to shop my favorite things!

Spring Roundup1


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