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THE CHEAT SHEET: How To Select Paint Colors

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a space. Not only can it liven up, it can make it appear to be larger, cozier and even cleaner!  Most importantly a fresh coat of paint can make an old space feel new again. Ready to update your walls? I put together my cheat sheet of simple design tips to help you choose the best paint colors.

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One of my best tips to give anyone looking to enhance their space with a fresh paint job is don’t be afraid to try color. Adding color can transform and breathe new life into a space. However, before you dive right in, make sure you have a specific color palette. Choosing a color palette can prevent your space from looking gaudy or cartoonish. Unless, of course, that is the look you are going for.

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Testing samples are essential to the painting process. On more than one occasion, I have had to rescue a friend or family member after they’ve chosen a color. Many people don’t realize that the color on the paint chip won’t always translate to your particular space. It can be lighter or – in rare cases – darker. That is why testing different paint samples is key in finding out how the color reacts when applied to the wall.

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Yes, color can bring new life to a space, but too much can leave a room looking garish. Think of “pops of color” as your room’s accessories. We have all heard that too many accessories can divert attention away from the beauty of an outfit. Likewise, too many accent colors can take the attention away from the beauty of a space. Therefore, you want to limit the pops of color in your space to 1 to 3. Make one accent color the more prominent and the other 2 serve as touches of color. Also, limit the number of accent walls to one if you are painting a living room or formal room.

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One of the most underrated steps in the painting process is choosing the correct finish to better complement your space. Before you purchase your paint, consider what is being painted and decide the finishes for each paint color individually. Ceilings should have a flat finish; walls should be matte; and trims look best in satin or semi-gloss.

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A great way to add charm to a room or make it really pop is to paint the ceiling. It is an unexpected touch that helps transform a room into its luxurious counterpart. Next time you decide to paint, try painting the ceiling the same color as the walls then paint the trim a contrasting color. The end result can be stunning!

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