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THE ELEMENTS OF STYLE: A Style Guide To Accessorizing Your Home

Accessorizing a home is definitely a task in itself. Filling bookshelves, entryway tables and living room walls can all seem extremely overwhelming. For anyone looking to personalize their space with accessories, a starting point would be to select all the right things, both large and small, that truly represent you. Accessorizing is a form of art. To do this, you need to consider room color, furniture, texture, the amount of natural light, and so much more. To make things simple, here are 5 accessories that can transform your space from average to spectacular. I call these the  “Accessorizing Elements of Style”. Keep in mind to select items that you consider beautiful and unique. Check out my ideas and let me know your thoughts!


Photo Source: Owens and Davis


When choosing lamps, bold selections make it easier to make the space feel full and complete. These two large lamps instantly add character to the otherwise, minimalistic décor.


Photo Source: Marie Olysson Nylander


Fur throw blankets on a neutral palette instantly add texture to a simple sofa, chair or bed. This fluffy and fur throw laid on this clean-lined sofa nicely compliments the room without overpowering the space.


Photo Source: Pottery Barn


Art is completely subjective. You really can’t go wrong when it comes to picking the pieces that you want to hang. However, one thing to consider is size. Varying the sizes of the frames can aid in polishing off a space.


Photo Source: Sarah Sherman Samuel


You can never go wrong with adding greenery to your space. Not only does it clarify the air inside, it also brightens up a room, instantly. 

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Photo Source: Architectural Digest France


Showcasing a collection of vases varying in shape, material, and size is a great way to present a side of your personality and taste while adding character to your table, bookshelf, or mantle.

I hope these elements can guide you to accessorizing your home with style. Thanks for stopping by!

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