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The Well-Dressed Table: Modern Holiday Tablescape Basics

Holiday dinners are one of my many highlights of the winter season, especially because I love good home-cooked meals. As I look forward to Thanksgiving and creating new memories with my little ones, I now know that it is the time to narrow down my tablescape ideas and get to decorating! Last year, I went with more of an all white tablescape with lots of gold, and this year I’m bringing the gold back, but with a touch of color. I’m thinking maybe hints of red because it will easily transition with my Christmas decor? Plus, with the new season, comes the perfect time to bring in those Christmas tones.

My process begins with the foundation of my tablescape, which I like to build up when styling a table. This usually begins with selecting either a tablecloth or a placemat. I’m opting to lose the tablecloth this year because I just love the texture of my dining room table’s smooth concrete surface. Therefore, I would like to do a gold placemat instead, and I already found a fab one from Barneys!  Since I wouldn’t want to overwhelm my table with too much gold, I’m going to go with white plates and clean lines to keep the style simplistic and modern. This is something I will keep in mind when selecting my glassware as well.

Next, I will want to think about the centerpiece of the table. I’m in love with these three brass-plated steel sculpture candle holders I found on CB2’s website (one of my go-to resources for buying accessories online). To top off the look, I want my candles and napkins to be in red to give it that Christmas feel at Thanksgiving.

While compiling my ideas,  I want to share an inspiration board with you so that you can get a similar look.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

he Well-Dressed Table: Modern Holiday Tablescape Ideas

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Cutlery: Cutlery should be placed on the table in the order it is used, from the outside in. Be sure to include salad utensils if you plan on serving a salad.

Table Linen: Tablecloths and runners are essential backdrops for any well-laid table. Don’t use a runner or tablecloth that will clash in color. If you are using a colorful linen, go with a neutral colored runner, or one that adds a little silver or gold shimmer to the table.

The Centerpiece: The key to any well-dressed table is the perfect eye-catching centerpiece. Select vases, candles and flowers that will complement your overall color scheme. Also, note that more texture adds depth to the decor. Look for items that will make your table a true showpiece.

Glassware: Make sure to have glassware options for your guests to drink from. If you are serving champagne, have champagne flutes on the table, wine glasses for wine, etc. Also, don’t forget an option for water. The Well-Dressed Table: Modern Holiday Tablescape Ideas



Want more? Check out my next post with more modern tablescape ideas.

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