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Tips For Designing a Stylish Bathroom For Kids

When it comes to decorating your child’s bathroom it can often become an overwhelming project. Especially, when considering color palettes, themes and the overall functionality of the space. A well-designed bathroom is one your child will not outgrow, but instead will mature with overtime. But fear not, that’s why I’m here to give you tips and ideas for a bathroom that will work for both kids and adults.


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Go Neutral

A neutral palette works well in a space that will continue to develop overtime. Keeping your walls and flooring neutral will allow you to really play with color and make it pop. You can better color match your soft furnishings, storage and features, either in one great child friendly color or in an array of contrasting colors to really get a striking effect.


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Add Fun Lighting

A space starts to shine, literally, once the right kind of lighting is in place. For a bathroom go with fixtures that will bring pops of interest and enhance a focal point in the room. I would also recommend including night lights in the space to keep it safe for your child at night.


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Define the Details

If the bathroom will be shared among 2 or more children, consider the functionality of the space. More children equals more storage, space and time will be used in this one bathroom. This is where the details are defined. A bathroom suitable for multiple children should include a double sink, ample storage and counter space, and an open layout.


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Add Design Layers

As your child grows, many things once stored away will no longer have to be put out of sight. At this time, adding layers to the space will come in handy for adding comfort and enhancing style. Layers could include anything from adding art, mirrors, towels, and plants to grouping perfumes,colognes, and soaps in a tray on the counters. The most important tip in layering is to group like objects in close proximity and make sure the space is balanced with layers.

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